I’ve Been Drinking: Photo Roundup

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8 months, huh?

Sorry again for the disappearing act but I swear everything was for good reason. I’m currently a drink writer at the San Francisco Bay Guardian  which, on top of all my other endeavors, doesn’t leave me too much time to blog. But I’m back now.

I’ve been pretty much sick and bedridden for the past two days and while I have the energy, I thought it’d be a good to edit and share some photos I’ve taken around the bars in San Francisco over the past few months. I’ll explain them all in detail in future posts  but for now, enjoy these snippets. Oh, and I have some fun little cocktail projects coming up so if you haven’t jumped ship yet, don’t go now.

Yes, that drink is on fire.



3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Drinking: Photo Roundup

  1. Gorgeous! I absolutely love those pretty pink cocktails in the third image. What’s the name of it? Have you got the recipe on the blog? I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and I really like it. I’m hoping to see some splashes of Appleton V/X from my island home here; I could always do with some creative new ideas for rum cocktails for my guests. It’s what’s expected from a Jamaican hostess in London…HELP! 🙂

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