Ever since I discovered this, I’ve been a fan of alcoholic ice cream. So when I ran across the blog of NYC based Milkmade, a company that personally delivers their  handmade ice cream to their monthly subscribers, I was pretty juiced to find some boozy ice cream mixed in with other unconventional flavors. Here are three I would like to try.

Grady’s Manhattan – cold-brew coffee spiked manhattan cocktail ice cream

Bourbon Brownie Batter – straight bourbon ice cream loaded with brownie batter

Tom Collins – gin-spiked lemon ice cream

And on a non-booze note, yes and thank you. Too bad they’re not in the bay.


One thought on “Milkmade

  1. Yes. I am following you here too. (I like food, you like food…you have lived in SF longer then me, I want to learn about places I should eat.)

    That said – alcohol is notoriously hard to freeze, if you are a normal person with an average freezer. Only one of your photos looks did they freeze the other two?

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