What I’m Drinking Now: Full Boar Scotch Ale



You know what I love about sunny weather?


Thats why on this beautiful day (perfect 60 degrees), I’m in my bed with the curtains drawn and drinking this beer that I picked up at a liquor store on the way home from work. Maybe I should be sitting in a park somewhere but I knew that I wanted to be surrounded by alcohol and artificial darkness.

Anyway, I’ve heard of the Wee Heavy style (Scotch) ale  before but never drank one before now and this is my first beer from Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company. If first impressions actually mean something, I’m not sure if I’ll be touching scotch ales again. I don’t hate this beer but I certainly don’t love it. If I were to grade it, Full Boar would get a nice, steady “eh.”  I wish Devil’s Canyon had a page on this brew so I can learn more about it.  I just picked up this beer because I got smitten by the label.

I didn’t buy this beer with any expectations but with 7.4% ALC, I was expecting it be even a little bit more heavy (my fault for not reading the label). When taking a sip, you get a big punch of smokey…nothingness. Okay, well the label says its a smokey peat moss but its not remarkable or notable by any means. Its not until the finish that I detect the sweetness of caramel and chocolate. Perhaps I should invest in a tulip glass to develop the taste.

I will say that it paired with my steak pretty nicely. (I’m in the living room now, I don’t eat in bed)

Hopefully, there are better scotch ales out there. Any suggestions?

And photo was taken on instagram (follow me!)

God, I’m drunk.


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