The Day Drinker: Luna Park

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I admit that when it comes to food, it doesn’t take much to please me. When I lived in Stockton, my favorite place to eat was a taco truck parked in an empty lot on a street littered with gas stations and liquor stores. Moving to San Francisco has definitely spoiled me in terms of great restaurants and I have many favorites but believe me when I say that Luna Park is in my top five.

My friend, Tea and I went to Luna Park on the 4th of July because we were craving their steak and fries (which I devoured before thinking of photographing) but I’ve always loved their drinks. Tea got a manhattan while I strayed away from whiskey and had a margarita and a tequila sour. I recognize now that having tequila on Independence Day is a weird choice but I like to think I made a statement. The one thing that I love about Luna Park’s drinks is that they all seem really fresh and flavorful.

By the time dinner was over, I was pretty full and boozy but you just can’t leave that place without getting their chocolate chip bread pudding. I can’t even go on because there are no words.

So good.

Luna Park San Francisco

694 Valencia Street (near 18th)

San Francisco, CA, 94110


2 thoughts on “The Day Drinker: Luna Park

  1. Those are some seriously spectacular photos! And the drinks and food look pretty darn delicious too. So so jealous!


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