The Day Drinker

bourbon, cocktail, whisky

If you’re ever looking for a place to brunch in San Francisco, go to Outerlands in the Outer Sunset neighborhood. Not only do they have a crazy good egg sandwich but the last time I went, I discovered their lemon ginger apple cider that you can also get spiked with bourbon. A dear friend of mine took me to Outerlands one morning when I wasn’t feeling well and the cider was exactly what I needed to pick me up. I will say that this drink is best on lazy days because you will be tempted to take a nap a couple hours later. Perfect slightly alcoholic drink to have on a lazy day off or a sick day.

– – –

I never usually pop over to Berkeley but I was finally able to when I was asked to assist a photoshoot at a hair salon there. After an 8am call time and about a half day of work done, my friend and I decided to pop over to the bar (that I can’t seem to remember at the top of my head, sorry!) to grab a drink while our next model arrived. I ordered my usual whiskey sour and its always neat when the bartenders get creative with such a stable drink. This time, my sour came with berries. Pretty rad and just what I needed to finish another five hours at the shoot.


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