Long time, no see,

I guess I owe everyone an explanation for my absence. I didn’t quite know where this blog was heading and my inactivity was mostly just trying to re-examine my longterm goals for this blog. But I believe I did that now and its time to turn this blog into something that I will love.

In order to do so, there’s going to be some well needed changes. First and foremost, Whiskeysoaked is broadening to cover more types of alcohol, including beer. You can blame this on my ever-growing fondness for tequila. However, if you’re a gin and vodka fan, you may not have any luck here. I like the dark stuff.

Secondly, expect less reviews or none at all going forward. I’m clearly not that good at them and at the end of the day, your opinion is as good as mine. To replace the lack of reviews going forward, I have a bunch of fun things planned. I won’t spoil it now but be prepared for interviews, pictures, and more fun things (including a new look and spellcheck, but not today). I want you to have as much enjoyment reading this blog as I will have putting it together for you.

Hope to see you around (metaphorically speaking).

– Crystal




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