Above the Drinking Age: My Birthday Whisky Treats


It seems like whenever I put on my workout clothes, I find myself doing things counter productive to exercising. A couple days ago, I put on my workout clothes and then promptly went to Gordo Burrito. Yesterday, it was taking a nap during Project Runway and I guess today, I’m going to drink whiskey at 3pm while watching I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.

Anyway, my 23rd birthday was in early April and perhaps as a way to redeem themselves from last year, I got two bottles of whiskey from Gabe, Eli and Keze. The first is my 15-year-old The Balvenie Single Barrel and the second is The Glenlivet, aged 12 years. Both are Single Malt Scotch.



The first thing I want to say about The Balvenie is that it seems pretty fancy, too fancy for me to be drinking it in a sports bra.  In fact, when I opened it, Keze made a point of pointing out how the bottle number seems to be handwritten on the label (I’m drinking from bottle 179 by the way), along with the cask number (3659), bottling date (October 10, 2010) as well as the in-cask date (April 7, 1995). I never thought knowing all that information was such a big deal but now that I do know it, I dont think I can live without it.

This is some quality stuff. Its rich but also sweet, which is exactly up my alley. The smell reminds me of honey and you can taste the honey and oak with every sip. The website notes that there’s also vanilla in the mixture which is one of my favorite flavors. The Balvenie is definitely a drink you sip slowly and with only 350 bottles made of each edition, the smooth taste is clearly something that needs to be savored.



Glenlivet is also a well respected whisky and when Gabe presented it to me (at work along with a tequila handbook, it really gave off a great impression), I was ecstatic. This isnt the first time I’ve tried it but this will be the first time I’ve spent the time to analyze the taste. In comparison to The Balvenie, this whisky isn’t as smooth and to be honest, I’ve never really tasted the pinapple and other tropical fruits that consist of the flavor. However, I will say that I very much enjoy the taste of the honey and nutty taste that I do detect.

Honey, almond, vanilla. You can probably tell that I have a preference as far as my palate goes.

All in all, I would say that Glenlivet is a staple that every whisky lover should have in their collection while The Balvenie is a slurge that you should shell out sparingly during special occasions or when you feel like being fancy.

Good job guys.

Now, its time to put on some jeans.


3 thoughts on “Above the Drinking Age: My Birthday Whisky Treats

  1. The Balvenie makes some fine whiskies. If you get a chance, try their Doublewood and the 14 year old Caribbean Cask. The Caribbean Cask is a great way to round off a meal, and it goes unbelievably well with Creme Brulee, which is how I had it at a Scotch Malt Whisky Society event in Philly.


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