Review: Trader Joe’s Highland Single Malt Scotch


I’m only slightly embarrassed to be doing this whisky review before 11am on a Monday. However, I’m watching a Joan River’s documentary and it just seemed fitting somehow.

Anyway, today’s whisky review is Highland, a Trader Joe’s single malt Scotch, aged 10 years.

To be honest, I can’t really give you a reason why I decided to pick this up as Trader Joe’s doesn’t really strike me as a reputable whisky brand but I will say that Highland was a pleasant surprise.

According to the bottle, Trader Joe’s Highland Single Malt was chosen to represent the usual characteristics of the Highland Region in Scotland. The color is the rich honey brown. I detected a citrus-like smell at first but after doing some research, agree with the hint of Apple.

At first sip, I was sure I didn’t like it. There’s definitely a bit of a bite to it. At the second sip, however, the whisky tasted really smooth. Highland isn’t a heavy, dark scotch by any means, it has a really color, scent and flavor. I detected a light caramel or toffee taste, the finish was really smooth and I realized it was very easy to drink, even before breakfast.

At around 20 bucks and with this easy availability, it’s a whisky to shove in your basket at moment’s notice or if you’re trying to bring booze to a party. However, if you’re trying to expand your whisk(e)y collection at home, I’d say save your money and shell it out for something more memorable. The key word for this whisky is ‘nice.’  No one remembers nice.

Rating B-

Alright, its breakfast time.


5 thoughts on “Review: Trader Joe’s Highland Single Malt Scotch

  1. I just googled for reviews of this scotch and found this, which was apparently published a few hours ago. Could I possibly run this site and not remember?

  2. Hmm, you’re right. No one does remember nice. Although I must admit, you we’re very nice with your score of a B-. So now I don’t know what to think…

  3. I have become a fan of this Scotch. I have been guessing that it is a Macallan 10 yr old. Since they don’t sell 10 yr old Scotch (beneath their diginity), I have wondered if this is their Scotch. At any rate, I prefer it to Glen Livet or other Scotches which cost more.;

    1. I’ve grown to love the Macallan 10. I’ve found that the 10 is aged primarily in burbon barrels, where the 12 is a hybrid with some time in sherry barrels. The 12 is still my favorite, but the 10 is a close second.

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