Take Two: Theres No ‘E’ in Whisky…sometimes.


I had a stellar write up here until my computer decided to shut off on me. Remind me to write my drafts in Pages for now on.

One of the biggest controversies in the alcohol world is the spelling of whisky vs whiskey. The NYTimes even has an article full of comments from whisk(e)y drinkers about the debate. Look at these nasty comments:

Graham Kent of London wrote: “I cannot pass over the unforgivable use by a serious writer on wines and spirits of ‘whiskey’ to refer to Scotch whisky.’’ He goes on to say: “I am afraid I found the constant misspelling of the product made your article quite unreadable. It is exactly the same as if you had called it ‘gin’ all the way through or were to describe Lafite as Burgundy. It is simply a basic error that a reputable writer should not make.’’

A popular explanation is that the disappearing ‘E’  comes simply from language differences (kind of like color vs colour). From my own knowledge, some research and discussion among friends, the general consensus is that WhiskEy refers to American and Irish whiskies while Scotland, Canada ,Japan and Wales prefer to throw the ‘e’ out with the bathwater. Don’t believe me? Go to your local BevMo! and take a look.

There is no wrong way of spelling whisk(e)y, just make sure you know what you’re referring to. Bourbon? Leave it in. Scotch? Take it out or watch out for some whisky fanatic ready to stone you.



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