Welcome to whiskeysoaked!

My name is Crystal and I’m a 22-year-old student living in San Francisco. All I do pretty much is drink, eat, listen to music and badmouth people but I’m still pretty content with myself.

Whiskeysoaked is everything you want to know about whiskey in one place. Here you’ll find whiskey reviews, cocktail recipes and other fun things.

I’ve been wanting to make an alcohol blog for quite a while but the thing that has always held me back was trying to make it new and interesting. After searching the web for a while looking at various whiskey blogs, one thing is consistently clear: whiskey drinkers are classy and complex and those characteristics are mirrored in their blogs.

An understandably common aspect of whiskey blogs are whiskey reviews. I’ve found that whiskey reviews are very in depth. Posts like the ones from All Things Whiskey give reviews that cover the alcohol’s smell, finish, assessment and of course, taste. Its so much more than “its good and gets you drunk.”

Besides whiskey reviews, there are really only so much that an alcohol blog can cover. The only real news that alcohol blogs get is new booze and new health benefits.

Whiskeysoaked is going to be a more personalized blog, you’re going to know the booze that I drink, the bars I go to and all the mistakes I make along the way.

Happy drinking!


4 thoughts on “Intro!

  1. Maybe I should have thought a little more out-of-the-box about my interests when deciding on a blog topic. I may not be much of a drinker, but I’m interested to see where this blog leads. Drink on my friend!

  2. Actually, I think you’re minimizing what you can write about. A good whisky blog – or any blog devoted to spirit(s) – can have all sorts of content: strict reviews of taste and overall assessment; history of a brand, distillery, marque; essays and opinion pieces; news, of course; tastings you have been to or have heard about; bios of famous blenders, authors, distillers…and anything else that captures your fancy.

    The founder of ATW and I have had many discussions on this very topic, and it shows in the ways we write on our respective blogs. Good luck to you in adding to yours.

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